Welcome to Classique Jewelry

Wondering what to expect from us?

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When you walk into our store, you'll most likely be greeted by our 3 pound, furry, four legged greeter - Bella. (No pushy "sales people" here!)

What you'll also find, is a jewelry store that values our relationship with the customer over money, people who care about your jewelry as if it was their own, professionals that will spend hours sorting and matching stones to put in your piece when you've lost one, microscopes for us to inspect your jewelry when it comes in and before it gets returned to you, photos of your jewelry on your receipt, a FREE "Loaner Program" so you don't have to experience that feeling of panic when your ring is not on your hand while it's in for repair, a GUARANTEE on every repair (with no arguments!) and - lastly -  quality control standards that truly raise the bar.

So please, stop in!  We are different - and we'd love a chance to show you why!