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Features Overview

If you are looking for a jeweler who is interested in getting to know you, and wants to earn the honor of becoming your personal jeweler - you have come to the right place. 

We are committed to making sure you get what you want, without having to pay for services you don't need.

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Jewelry Repair and Restoration

Classique Jewelry is the perfect place to bring your jewelry heirlooms for proper repair and restoration. Our repairs are done on the premises, and performed by master craftsmen with years of fine jewelry experience.
Whether it is a simple ring sizing or the restoration of a delicate antique, the Classique team is fully equipped to handle the project.
The latest in technology is offered including laser welding that quickly and cleanly bonds similar or dissimilar metals without the heat of traditional soldering techniques. In the past, if jewelry was damaged near a gemstone or enamel, repair was impossible without the risk of causing further damage to the item. Now, Classsique Jewelry fully equipped to use a pinpoint laser beam to make these incredibly delicate repairs.

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An appraisal is only as good as the appraiser doing the work. At Classique Jewelry, our owner has the credentials and experience to provide accurate documentation of your jewelry.
Gemological Expertise
We have a Graduate Gemologist on staff - one of only 9 in the state - to properly identify and grade your diamonds and colored stones. The variables in pricing are often found in the minute differences in cut, clarity, carat weight and color. Proper credentials in this area will ensure that any insurance replacements are of equal quality and value.

Additionally, the analysis of estate jewelry requires special expertise in jewelry history and techniques. Often the value of these items is a blend of artistry and precious materials. As jewelry professionals well versed in antique jewelry and design, we are equipped to properly evaluate your estate jewelry.
Appraisal and Gem Identification  service is by appointment only.

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Customization and design

Customizing jewelry is beyond fulfilling, it’s fun! Working with an expert jewelry designer can open up options previously thought inconceivable, and you can watch your dream design materialize right before your eyes.  Custom is also a great way to repurpose pieces of jewelry that are sitting collecting dust. You can trade your gold in as credit toward your new design, and repurpose the gems, too.  In the end you walk away with a one of a kind piece of jewelry that expresses your style in ways over the counter jewelry rarely accomplishes. You also get to support your local and US economies by supporting local artists.

How Much does Custom Jewelry Cost?

The same as most jewelry on display! Surprised? Custom jewelry has the stigma of being pricey, but whatever your budget, customizing your next piece of jewelry can be within reach. The friendly staff here at Classique knows how to work with your budget to create something you’re going to love. Remember, you can trade in old gold, platinum, and silver jewelry as credit toward your custom design. You never know, you may have more options than you think.