Our Story


A dream come true...


In January of 2016, my husband and I bought this wonderful little jewelry store. We bought it from two amazing men that - with hard work and determination - created a thriving business that has served our community for decades.

My name is Hali Sittig and I am a graduate gemologist and jewelry designer with over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry. However, my story starts way before that...

At 4 years old I found my love of Fine Jewelry... I wandered away from my mom at a department store and found myself - in awe - basking in the glow of diamonds, gold and gemstones. ...and with my nose to the glass of the Fine Jewelry case - I knew there was no going back.

At 12 years old I was designing earrings and rings for family members. I swear it felt like it was my heart that I had put in-between those prongs. I gave gifts looking like a deer in headlights, wide-eyed with anticipation feeling a mixture of fear, excitement and vulnerability. My breath would catch in my chest until they saw what I had created for them. It's still feels like that, whether I'm designing jewelry for friends, family or clients of the store. I'm always so nervous until that moment of presentation - when the client finally sees what we made. Even though I've never had a bad reaction, I'm still scared every time!

In the mid-nineties I started gemology school, and became a Graduate Gemologist in 1998. I've worked in many jewelry stores, wearing many different hats. I worked in sales at Helzberg, I managed the fine, fashion and Estate Jewelry departments at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chicago. I was a diamond buyer in New York, and a jewelery designer for a small store on Jewelers Row in Chicago. I even designed an entire line of jewelry - and almost released it - before my life took a turn to change my career for a little while. I suspect that it was so I could meet my husband.

Fast forward to 2013, with an almost 6 year old in tow. My husband and I decided to move to the beautiful town of Monticello. We wanted to be closer to his sister, (we've been visiting her in Monticello for years!) and to give our only child the gift of having a HomeTown..

To say that our move to Monticello was the best decision we've ever made, would be an understatement. Little did we know that this community would be as incredible as it is, and that we would make amazing connections with friends and family here. This town has felt like home since the moment we got here.

Now, as a business owner, I love that I get to support local Charities and the fundraisers in our town, and that I get to be a stickler for quality control when it comes to the jewelry that we work on and the repairs that we do. Nothing is better then handing someone their completed repair in almost new condition, and seeing their eyes light up with excitement - I often hear that it looks better than it did when they bought it.

If you haven't been in, stop by to say "Hi" and introduce yourself. Have us clean and polish your rings at no charge.

What you'll find is a jewelry store that values the relationship with the customer over money, people who care about your jewelry as if it was their own, professionals that will spend hours sorting and matching stones to put in a your piece when you've lost one, microscopes for us to inspect your jewelry when it comes in and before it gets returned to you, photos of your jewelry on your receipt, a "Loaner Program" so you don't have to experience that feeling of panic when your ring is not on your hand while it's in for repair, a GUARANTEE on every repair (with no arguments!) and - lastly -  quality control standards that truly raise the bar.

So please, stop in. We are different - and we'd love a chance to show you why!