***Public service announcement for anyone is having a GARAGE SALE***

Several times last summer, I had someone come into the store to sell jewelry. …..

As it turned out, they had bought that jewelry at a garage sale. They would come in to have me look at it, and tell them if it was worth anything. Then, they would get very excited - and tell me that they paid $0.50 for the item - and (in this case) I ended up paying them $45.00 for that same piece.

This happened because the owner of the piece did NOT know what they had.

So please, as the original owner of all of your jewelry... Please bring it into the store to see if what you have is real, before you put it in your garage sale. I would much rather pay the original owner for their jewelry, than pay someone $100 - when they only paid YOU $1.50.

This is a FREE service. 
However, if you want to bring it in - please call to make an appointment.

That way we can set aside time to look at it. 
If you have a lot of jewelry, we may ask you to leave it, as it might take some time for us to go through.

Thanks for reading and happy garage sale-ing!